Captain Shrimp sets sail with tasty Christmas meals

Noel Wong @ FMT Lifestyle – 07 Dec 2022, 7:30am

Captain Shrimp sets sail with tasty

Fill up with delicious seasonal treats this Christmas with a feast cooked by Captain Shrimp. PETALING JAYA: With the Christmas ship having set sail, many Malaysians are already hatching plans to celebrate the holiday with gusto.

And one Captain Shrimp, a Petaling Jaya-based delivery restaurant, has been putting in extra hours to ensure your Christmas feast is as lip-smacking as ever.

If you’re not into slaving away over a hot stove while guests chill under the Christmas tree, why not call the dear Captain to cater this special meal for you?

You’ll be amazed at the glorious seasonal treats Captain Shrimp is offering for a Christmas at home with family and friends – minus all the fuss.

Captain Shrimp provides catering services and delicious food at reasonable prices. This year Captain Shrimp is offering two impressive sets. Should you be inviting a big group of up to 11 persons, then the appropriately-named Festive Indulgence is just what your party needs.

So what’s on the menu, captain?

Well, there’s Fried Golden Shrimp for starters with its super crunchy exterior concealing a juicy prawn within.

The Fried Golden Shrimp has a crunchy exterior concealing the juicy prawn within. Also washing up on shore are the Baked US Mussels, served fresh out of the sea with generous amounts of cheese.

A lover of red meat? You’ll be drooling over the racks of Grilled NZ Lamb, cooked to tender perfection. And the Grilled Chicken Breast doesn’t disappoint either, with both dishes offering generous portions of meat to satiate any appetite.

You can never go wrong with a good potato dish – or two – and Captain Shrimp’s offerings of spuds are a dream come true this Christmas.

The Grilled NZ Lamb is heavenly with flavourful gravy. First up are the Chunky Mashed Potatoes, soft and fluffy and of course best enjoyed flooded with mushroom gravy. The Loaded Potato Skins meanwhile are stuffed with juicy beef bacon and the perfect complement to all that meat.

With Captain Shrimp being a Tex-Mex establishment, it should come as no surprise that the classic quesadilla makes an appearance here. Stuffed with cheese and chicken chunks, the Smoky Chicken Quesadilla may just leave you exclaiming, “Dios mio!” at how rich and savory it is.

The Roasted Holiday Vegetables are as colorful as they are filling and flavourful. Are potatoes, not your thing? The Breaded Mozzarella Sticks are a great substitute then – delightfully cheesy and rather hard to stop at one, so consider yourself warned.

Of course, no meal’s quite complete without some greens and the Roasted Holiday Vegetables and Apple Slaw do the trick, being both filling and flavourful.

On the topic of greens, one vegetarian-friendly dish worth trying out is the newcomer Mushroom Olives Pasta.

Meaty mushrooms, juicy olives, and chunks of onion and garlic adorn this rich pasta, which will leave everyone stuffed and cheerful.

Can’t go wrong with Apple Slaw, especially if you like a fruity twist to your greens. (Moganraj Villavan @ FMT Lifestyle) To end your feast on a sweet note, savor the Captain Shrimp favourite, the Baked Apple Crumble Pie, with its crisp crust and chunky apples beneath.

For folks entertaining a smaller dining party of up to six, go with the Enchanted Feast set. The Marinated Roast Beef and Fried Boneless Chicken are two delicious options that everyone can enjoy.

Seafood options are also aplenty, with the Grilled Fish Fillet and Crispy Fried Calamari likely to draw eyeballs.

For some meaty snacks, the BBQ Beefballs and Grilled Chicken Bratwursts are hard to say no to.

For folks with a sweet tooth, the Baked Apple Crumble Pie is a great way to end the meal. (Moganraj Villavan @ FMT Lifestyle) For something sinful but oh so tasty, sink your teeth into the Dual Cheese Quesadilla oozing as it is with hot cheesy goodness.

With so many mouth-watering options, you can declare the kitchen off-limits and simply relax this season while Captain Shrimp does the work.

Be it an office party or a family gathering, this mini catering service is hard to beat, with plates and cutlery included with the sets.

Captain Shrimp’s Christmas set meals*

Festive Indulgence (11 pax): RM688
Enchanted Feast (6 pax) RM418
*Sets are available from now until Jan 2, 2023.

Check out Captain Shrimp on Facebook and Instagram or WhatsApp 016-2505891 for further inquiries.

Captain Shrimp
72A, Jaya One, Jalan Profesor Diraja Ungku Aziz
Seksyen 13, 46200 Petaling Jaya

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