Make Your Next Gathering One to Remember Forever

“Food is such a massive part of celebrating, bringing together friends and family members over warming meals or hearty drinks. After the two years we’ve had, sharing joyous meals is more important than ever. “

MAKE YOUR NEXT GATHERING ONE TO REMEMBER FOREVER. We provides delicious Tex-Mex, American for all events, whatever the occasion may be. With our online form, it is easy and convenient to decide what dishes you want for your mini buffet. As the top mini catering company in Petaling jaya, we have a wide selection of dishes that includes everything from beef, chicken and seafood dishes to a variety of pasta and deep-fried options to choose from

Tailoring and customising for to the smaller amount of people that will be in attendance, our mini catering package is all you need for the perfect mini gathering. Just because there are fewer people at an event doesn’t mean there should be fewer options, so choose our mini buffet catering packages to enjoy a wide selection of dishes that are sure to satisfy your guests! 

Nothing makes an occasion more memorable than an amazing meal and exquisite service!

Events Catering
Events Catering
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Private Party
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Buffet Catering
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Party Catering
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Lunch Catering
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Daily Catering
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Full Moon Catering
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Seminar Catering
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Lunchbox Catering
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Party Box
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Seafood Catering
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Home Catering
private party
Birthday Catering
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